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Unique Things To Do In Quebec City

Unique Things To Do In Quebec City

Looking for unique things to do in Quebec City? Whether you’re visiting in summer, winter here are some of the top things to do in Old Quebec. There are countless things to do in the Old Town, whether you’re looking for history, culture or food. 

  1. Walk the Promenade des Gouverneurs
  2. Walk along the original fortifications
  3. Watch the changing of the Guard at the Citadelle
  4. See “le Musee du Fort”
  5. Take the Ferry to Levis
  6. Enjoy some French and French Canadian Cuisine
  7. Toboggan ride on the Dufferin Terrasse in winter
  8. Evening Ice Skate at the Palais Montcalm in winter
  9. Visit the Ice Hotel in winter
  10. See the Carnaval de Quebec

With charming narrow streets and local shops, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is best explored on foot. The highlight of many people’s visits is Old Quebec, with a great atmosphere and countless shops and restaurants. 

Promenade des Gouverneurs

For a closer look at Old Quebec’s historic district, visit Fortress of Quebec National Historic Site. From Dufferin Terrace, you can walk to the historic Citadelle, one of the most important military fortresses in North America. On one side are the fortifications of the old redoubt. On the other, a breathtaking view of Old Quebec and the waters of the St. Lawrence River.

Promenade des Gouverneurs in Quebec cIty
Walk the Promenade des Gouverneurs when you visit Quebec

Walk the Wall

A short walk up rue St-Louis is the St. Louis Gate. One of the five entrances to the original walled city. No trip to Quebec is complete without a walk along the Governor’s Promenade. This giant walkway resembling an ancient sailing ship that connects Dufferin Terrace in front of Frontenac Castle with the cliff-top plains of Abraham Park. Or this excursion will take you through beautiful winter scenery as you learn about the history of the area and Canada in winter. As you stroll through the cobbled streets, your passionate local guide shares the vibrant history of Old Quebec.

Changing of the Guard

As you walk along the fortifications you can make your way to the Citadelle. Here you can see the changing of the guard. It is at 10am. Make sure to get there 15 minutes before it starts.

See it here

Guards dressed in Red doing Musical drills at the citadelle

Musee du Fort

After you can make your way down St-Louis street to the Dufferin Terrasse.  Just a few steps from here you can go to the Musee du Fort. Here you will get an old fashioned sound and light show explaining the events of the battle of the plains of Abraham.

Levis Ferry

From there you can go to lower town. One of the most beautiful parts of the old town is the Petit Champlain quarter. It starts at the foot of the funicular under the Dufferin Terrace. Board the ferry to see Quebec from a different perspective. You can enjoy breathtaking views of le Cap Diamant, the Château Frontenac.

You can take a ferry across the Saint Lawrence River to Levis for one of the best shots of Quebec. Although the viewpoint on the edge of the Citadelle  near the noon day cannon is one of the best spots. 

French and French Canadian Cuisine

What makes french food so unique? Well the ingredients, butter and lots of TLC. On the food tour you will visit five different places to taste the flavors of la Belle Province. In late spring and summer are the months when the patios of Vieux-Quebec restaurants come alive. Locals and tourists soak up the beautiful Old Town atmosphere while enjoying delicious meals and drink along the charming little streets.  Try some crepes maybe at le Petit Coin Breton, or some paella at le D’Orsay. Enjoy a meal at some of these great restaurants:

  • Les Trois Garcons
  • Bistor Hortus
  • Le Petit Coin Breton
  • Les Freres de la Cote
  • Le D’Orsay
  • Le Conti
  • Restaurant St-Amour
  • L’Entrecote St-Jean

Winter Activities

Toboggan ride on the Dufferin Terrasse in winter

Load up on hot chocolate and take a thrilling ride down to the Dufferin Terrace. The vies of the St-Lawrence are breathtaking. Have a look at this video.

A group of people sledding down a wooden bridge.

Evening Ice Skate at the Palais Montcalm in winter

Skating is quite a Canadian activity. Just outside the St-Jean gate you can enjoy skating under the lights.

People gracefully skating on an ice rink nestled in front of a captivating st-jean gate in quebec city

Visit the Ice Hotel

The ice hotel is quite an attraction. How to tame winter and make cold your friend. The hotel can make the coldest winter look warm and fuzzy.

kids at the ice hotel in val cartier

Ice Hotel

Carnaval de Quebec

Another thing that you can only enjoy in winter is the Quebec City Winter Carnival, which we will talk about later. See ice castle and ice sculptures, sip some local iced wine or hot chocolate, and head to the Dufferin Terrasse and take a toboggan ride. If you go to Village Vacances Valcartier you can also see and stay at an Ice Hotel as well. This is definitely one of the most unique things to do in Quebec City.

the "Bonhomme Carnaval" wioth Quebec City in the Background

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