Chateau Frontenac's iconic copper roof

What to do in Quebec City

What to DO!

What to do in Quebec City

Founded in 1608, Quebec City has a rich history and heritage to discover. With centuries-old buildings, churches and fortifications scattered throughout. The city’s historic center, in upper and lower town, is home to an incredible variety of attractions. With beautiful buildings and charming streets wherever you look. Once a small riverside village and now a thriving city. This touristy yet incredibly picturesque part of Old Quebec includes Canada’s most picturesque streets; think of centuries-old colorful row houses and cobbled streets between cozy bistros and theatres. What to do in Quebec City? Well, you can start here and enjoy this magnificent walkable city.

The Old City

As you stroll through the cobbled streets, your passionate local guide shares the vibrant history of Old Quebec. The historic district also boasts countless centuries-old buildings and famous landmarks, including the citadel and the Notre-Dame Basilica. In the heart of Old Quebec is the Morrin Center, which offers a fascinating introduction to the history of the city. With charming narrow streets and local shops, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is best explored on foot.

Old Quebec City is famous not only for being located on a cliff top overlooking the Saint Lawrence Seaway. But it is also known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only city in North America (outside of Mexico and the Caribbean) with original city walls of North America Mexico. Situated on the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec offers must-see attractions from Château Frontenac to the Quebec Citadel. Beautiful natural scenery just outside the city, and a unique glimpse into Canadian history and culture are right before you.

The Quebec Funicular takes visitors between Dufferin Terrace near le Chateau Frontenac and the Petit Champlain quarter.  You’ll walk the  Dufferin Terrace many times during your stay. Soak in the street performers and people watch. You can admire the stunning viewof the Saint Lawrence River, Lower Town and Château Frontenac. From the waters of the Saint Lawrence River, you can see Quebec from a completely different perspective; enjoy panoramic views of the city. From a short funicular ride and from the plateau behind Frontenac where it takes you, there is a beautiful view of the picturesque Lower Town and the St. Lawrence River far below.

Dufferin Terrasse

One of the most popular places to spend time in Quebec is Terrasse Dufferin, which offers stunning views of Old Quebec and the St. Lawrence River. You can take a ferry across the Saint Lawrence River to Levi for some of the best shots in the city, although the viewpoint on the edge of the Citadel, just behind Quebec Old Town, is the best photo spot in my opinion. .. especially at sunset. At the south end of Dufferin Terrace, you can reach the Pierre-Duguas-de-Mons Terrace, a beautiful spot at the foot of the Citadel where you can admire Château Frontenac and old Quebec.

Château Frontenac

Ideally located right on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River in the heart of Old Quebec is the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. It is, for good reason, the most photographed hotel in the world and certainly one of the best places to stay in Quebec. This ideally located Quebec hotel is perfect for couples. The must-see Chateau Frontenac offers guided tours, you can stop by for a drink or a bite – try Chateau Frontenac’s afternoon tea or a sumptuous brunch at the Champlain Restaurant.

In addition to the must-sees above, visitors must see the stunning Notre Dame des Victoires Chapel which marks the birthplace of the first colony founded by Champlain in 1608. You can easily walk to la rue du Petit Champlain where you can explore numerous art galleries, restaurants and souvenir shops along the cobbled streets. See the outline of the original walls of the colony laid out in stone on the ground.

Late spring and summer are the months when the patios of Vieux-Quebec restaurants come alive. Locals and tourists soak up the beautiful Old Town atmosphere while enjoying delicious food and drink along the way. During the summer, the streets of old Quebec are filled with horse-drawn carts carrying families and couples through the cobbled streets. One of Quebec’s oldest streets and gateway to the city is la rue St-Louis. Or walking along rue Saint-Jean is the perfect way to experience the culture and heritage of the city through your taste buds.

Chateau Frontenac's iconic copper roof

La Citadelle

You’ll discover French and British influences as you explore the Citadelle. It is still the active military installations of the Royal 22nd regiment and the ancient fortifications around Quebec City. The Quebec Fortifications are the only remaining city wall in North America outside of Mexico. They are now protected as part of a National Historic Landmark.

Montmorency Falls is part of Parc de la Chute Montmorency (Montmorency Falls Park), and visitors can reach the park from Quebec by car, bicycle or public transport. Champlain Promenade. On the Champlain Promenade, on the St. Lawrence River, you can enjoy several great stops, such as the Bassin Brown Lookout on the river, the Quai des Cageux and the view of the Quebec Bridge.

The changing of the guard at la Citadelle

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