The packing list essentials

Not sure what to pack? Well the season will guide your decisions. What to Pack for a Trip to Quebec City, Canada? The Packing List will be adjusted based on the season. Summers can be very very warm as the winters can be very, very cold. For the traveler not use to the cold being prepared is critical to a successful trip. Read more below as well.

Before you go make sure all of your travel documentation is in order and valid too.

Entry Documentation:

  1. Passport book or passport card (for adults crossing the Canadian border by land or sea)
  2. Enhanced driver’s license or NEXUS card (issued only to approved travelers)
  3. Birth certificate (for children crossing the border by land or sea)
  4. Letter noting absent parent’s or parents’ contact information and approval of the trip (if applicable)
  5. Valid passport book for all Americans traveling to Quebec by air, including children and infants

Read more about documentation required for entry into Canada.

Clothing for Spring and Summer:

6. Winter jacket and gloves (for March trips)

  1. Lightweight clothing for most summer trips
  2. Jacket or sweater and long pants (for cooler evenings or visits to the mountains)

Clothing for Fall and Winter: 9. Rain jacket and warmer clothes (for the fall, Quebec’s rainy season)

  1. Warm, lined coat
  2. Snow boots
  3. Warm hat
  4. Gloves
  5. Scarves
  6. Hand warmers
  7. Additional layers for extreme cold temperatures

Additional Items: 17. Valid U.S. driver’s license (for those planning on driving in Quebec)

  1. Canadian dollars (for those preferring to pay with cash)
  2. Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  3. Discount cards (AARP, AAA, student ID)
  4. Identification for age verification when buying alcoholic beverages (drinking age in Quebec is 18)

Note: Adjust the quantity of clothing items based on the duration of the trip and personal preferences. Additionally, consider packing toiletries, personal care items, electronics, and any specific medications you may need.

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